South African Great Traditional Healer

Dr Musawo herbalist spiritual healer has been hailed being the foremost powerful spiritual healer among all and believed to be helper of solving millions and millions of people's problems, healing longtime illnesses. Phone: +27 783 261 944

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  Bad luck, Bring back lost lover, He fight witchcraft, Financial problems, He gives luck, Bad performance at school, He removes evil demons in house, Madness, Addictions, Sexual problems, Early ejaculation,Bad memories , Stress, He treats Body pains, Bad dreams ,Disappointments,Hate lade, Jealousies,Evil eyes, Domestic problems, Dad debts, Court cases, Daily accidents in life. He brings back stolen goods, Protects from robberies and hijacker, HIV infections, Pregnancy difficulties, Miscarriages, Menstruation pains, Long illness, and many more.



Dr Musawo delighted to sale to you the AMAGUDHWANA spiritual rats to bring to you quick amazing rich wealth at home. 

 AMAYEMBE  spirits will help you in your financial problems which you will put  in your business or in the house  while it automatically start to hunt for you cash  and batches of clients in your business.

It is also an invisible spiritual individual stuff which can do anything invisibly without anybody to see or notice it with its magical powers.

 It is also an amazing spirit which can trace and detect anybody / anything   lost from anywhere / any place.

 It is a practical security soldier which is reliable in protecting and fighting for its boss without even needing a gun or any individual security people.

If you need to make  risky deals/business/properties, surely you need it.


Have you ever wondered why you wake up in morning while feeling dizzy and powerless, no strength?

Have you ever wake up in the morning while feeling like you don’t want to go to work?

Have you ever thought about creating a business deal when you have money, suddenly you forgot about it? While money get finished and yet you remember it?

Have you ever borrowed money or something to somebody before and suddenly that person hates you after that?

Have you ever start a business with all your last money and suddenly it gets lost by losing capital even failing to pay rents?

Have you ever realize why other workers being promoted and paid big salaries while you are not? And yet you are hard working and well educated too?

Have you ever think that you are clever enough but your cleverness directs you to wrong way?

For longtime Lost lovers 

Most of the Problems You Are Suffering! Might Be Among Those He Heals.

Don't Wait Anymore! They Might Even Get Worse And Cost You A Lot Of Cash And Time!

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Are you aware that there are some women /men who are loved or married by rich men /women while they are having affair with poor boyfriends /girlfriends somewhere? And dramatically look after them from what they get from rich lovers? Don’t wait to be a victim of that horror! Especially these days relationship cheating are more common. 

Have you ever loved a woman /a man with all your heart and give her /him everything, after that she/he starts to cheat on you?

Have you ever realized how it hearts to make sex to your lover and you don’t satisfy her/him?

Have you ever get a surprising shock when your lover tells you that you have a small and weak penis which doesn't satisfy her? Do not get paranoid its your personal responsibility to search for solutions in terms of that case when it arises. 

Have you ever being told by your lover that if you can’t have a child is going to leave you for another lover?  You may see this as a jock but its not because its the only way you can get helped to solve the mess.

 The answer is simple! Nobody  was born to wishes himself suffering and no problem can get scared of you! The only solution is to do something about it or to have powerful protections.

 Most of the Problems You Are Suffering! Might Be Among Those He Heals.

Don't Wait Anymore! They Might Even Get Worse And Cost You A Lot Of Cash And Time!

Feel Free To Check Below To Some Of His Products And Practical Services Offered!

  • Amaghudwana spirits, the cost is clear $1500. you pay for little to gain big.
  • Rain rich maker spell,
  • Amayembe spirits,  the costs are $3500  this is used for its retrieval process.
  • Life and love protection spells,
  • Mixture of herbal medicines,
  • Black magic spells, Arabic spells,
  • Love spell, Money spell,
  • Gambling Spell,fortune spells,
  • Performance spell, Evil fight spell,
  • Man stealer Spell, Revenge spell , magic sticks,
  • Invisible stick, protection stick and spell,
  • War crime spell,
  • Wealthy spell and stick. black knot,
  • court case spell, ancestral spell,
  • magic coin, promotion powdered herbs,
  • Business spell, Work man spirit spell,
  • Manpower powder herbs,
  • Blood purification, Animal offering scarification,
  • Sexual mixed herbs, lose weight herbs,
  • Sale quick spell,
  • Attraction native knot, ghost hunter spell, 
  • Memory spell and herbal drink,
  • Sperming herbs, sex appetizer,
  • Love protection spell,
  • Skin lash herbs, high and low blood pressure herbs,
  • Heart attacker herbs,
  • Lungs cleansing herbs, cancer herbs,
  • HIV-refined herbs, and many more....just order now!
  • Lost love spells & herbal potion
  • Divorce stick with a spell.
  • Fertility /pregnancy medicine/spell
  • Spiritual ability spell
  • personal and business/project energetic protections.
  • Poverty fighter  jinns.
  • Bad jinx remover spell & muti herbs.
  • Quranical recitation/duas/azmat/Taweez/Quruban/etc..
  • Skin purification remedies.
  • Body beautifiers.
  • Naqushi Sulaiman spells.
  • All prophetical medical science & spells.
  • Ganjuri arshi spells.
  • Evil incense  sticks and powders.
  • Business booster water.
  • Zam-Zam holy water.
  • Holy Ruq & purifications.
  • Jinns command remote.
  • Love remote.
  • Penis stiffer medicine.
  • Sexual appetizer for women.
  • memory rinser & Brain Booster remedies.
  • Money keeper stick & spells (you don't get broke)
  • Love attraction spell & knots.
  • Love me more charms.
  • Job keeper spells.
  • Work finder charms.
  • Exam passer express spell.
  • Pain removal herbs.
  • Accident protection spells.
  • Sickness free remover.
  • Evil & Black magic removal spirits.            
    and many more you have never think of. Just order or throw a challenge to us, you will be surprised with our healing powers.


 Ours is a mixture of African traditional medicine, spiritualism, psychic powers, psychic healing, rituals, native healing, spell casting, all of which are designed to take care of whatever adversity you may face. My solutions are tailor designed depending on the nature of your problem or adversity. Mine is a constant mission to ensure that good prevails over evil and to ensure that you have peace of mind, success and happiness.

We have a proven track record of 100% accurate, having honed our skills from experiences and tradition passed down through the centuries from our forefathers. I am deal with occult, mysticism and the paranormal. I do email, phone and private readings and consultations to enable you take control of the situation and control your destiny. I have divine powers that enable you to connect to your forefathers or ancestors to give you guidance in life and enable you to change the course of your destiny. Leave alone those who say things do not work while they use them at closed doors.


Once you accept Voodoo, spectacular opportunities could present themselves to you, allowing you to fulfill your true destiny! Select the right spell for you:

Voodoo is a powerful mystical practice that can bring spectacular gifts and rewards to anyone who believes, who is willing to place his destiny in the hands of loving spirits, who await the call of service.

The Voodoo doll is used to represent the spirit of a specific person. You can address the doll as if you are talking to that person, requesting a change in attitude, influencing the person to act in accordance with your wishes, your desires.

Once in possession of an authentic Voodoo doll, you can request the doll to call upon powerful forces known as Loa. You can perform a simple but effective ritual to fulfill a specific dream, an urgent desire. This timeless ceremony is carried out to persuade the spirits to exert their influence in this world at large.



Have you been suffering long time without a solution? Come to the 100% guaranteed treatments

I want you to promise me today that You"re Getting healed today by the great ritual man who has healed many people through his experienced ancestors. join the rest of the world to cerebrate his miracle healings. he can even read and tell you your problems before you say any thing to him. He can connect you to talk to the spirit of a deceased of your familly member or friend..he can also tell you your future through reading palm,playcard, a mirror/water. He uses many ways of healing just to make sure that he certisfy his clients all over the world. Dr musawo is a traditional healer who does fully corresponding with all religious believes and self respect.

Everyone of us is blessed with spiritual blessings that am able to make these blessings visible, I can have profound effect on your life,job,career and family all you have to do is to ask. I can cast a spell on you using your blessings. Am so certain you will be grateful with the results. I unconditionally guarantee everything is possible using spiritual powers(blessings) that were given to you before your were born by your great grandfathers.

Am the major Traditional Healer helped people all over the world, now its your turn to let your spiritual blessings work for you in the metal physical world so that you can enjoy the life to full of richness,love,happiness and wealth weather you are in South Africa or elsewhere in other country.


Dr Musawo  use strong herbal medicine and magic spells as well as powerful ancestors.Get healed today by this greatest miracle doctor who has healed many people through his experienced ancestors. Join the rest of the world to cerebrate his miracle healings. He can even read and tell you your problems before you say any thing to him. He can connect you to talk to the spirit of a deceased of your familly member or friend. .He can also tell you your future through reading palm,playcard, a mirror/water. He uses many ways of healing just to make sure that he certisfy his clients all over the world. Dr moosa is the only traditional healer who does fully corresponds with all religious beliefs.


No matter whatever cultural background or religious believer you are,but as long as you're a human being this can be the solution of your problems.

Don’t dare wait to lose your life / relationship or properties.

There are lot of chances to bring back your lover to love you more than before!

Call drmoosa to visit you anywhere worldwide. whether you are in America or United kingdom or Australia even Canada and elsewhere 

Dr Musawo has an experience in counselling and fixing broken marriages as well as any other troubled relationships

Stop hating marriages thinking that you will end everything you have worked for just like that ,  Dr.Musawo  is among the world's most male award winning marriage consultant who has fixed many african's troubled marriages especially in Africa and other continents. I incourage you not to end your relationship without finding a better solutions to amend it.

Though his miracle powers, he can solve many complications in human lives spiritually.

Do you need marriage proposal?

Do you want your lover back permanently?

Are you stuck with financial / or Debts troubles?

Are you suffering because of bad luck/ misfortunes?

Are you being forced into a devorce or a seperation from your lover?

Palm reading is done to know your future.

Do you need to clean your house from Evils & witch-crafts or evil darkness?

He solve court cases even if some one is convicted and he make the success of appeal.

He solve sexual weakness ,and enlarge men's penis,solve ealy ejaculations and poor erections.

Stop hating your rough skins, he treat skin infections, HIV symptoms, body pains, and long illnesses.

Is your husband having an affairs and you suspect him to cheat on you or a wife?

Is he/she weak in bed or stingy with money? doesn't he/she want to give you what you ask for?

Is there some body jealous with your relationship and try to seperate you? especialy relatives?

Is your patner delaying your marriage or dont want to give you a child

Dr moos also have the mixed remedies to cure defiant diseases like:- Asthma, Diabetes, HIV&AIDS,Blood

pressure, long illnesses, Cancer, lung infection, and many more..

All unfinished jobs by other healers or doctors, if not satisfied, just come to him to help you.

The remedies he gets out of these wild animals are extremely very strong which can cure almost all types

illnesses in human bodies.